The Art folder “Magic fantasy” by Nadiya Vasilkova

The Art folder “Magic fantasy” by Nadiya Vasilkova!

• 20 pages for coloring
• The unique folder with the artworks of the artist Nadiya Vasilkova!
• 20 amazing drawings on separate sheets, printed on “Paper for creative works.”
• Beautiful women, flowers, birds, animals.
• You will be very pleased to look at the high quality of the drawings, coloring them or framed.
• Paper 190 gr. Suitable for working with various art materials: watercolor, colored pencils, markers, and others.
• I always do watercolor coloring on this paper. The paper allows you to make several layers of watercolor or pencils. But, do not forget to dry (with a hairdryer) very wet areas during work. I like to use a water brush (a plastic brush with a water tank).
• I admit, I love this series very much and with great pleasure, I make color for these drawings.
• I’m really looking forward to your versions of coloring. Make posts on social networks and get thousands of likes!

Happy coloring!

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