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Dear friends, my little gift for you! Beautiful illustration of "Valentine's Day"! You can download on the site. Make colors, make posts on social networks! Tag me on your color works! Wishing you a lot of love and happiness! Happy Valentine's Day! [button...

Dear friends! New Years is soon! According to the Chinese traditional calendar, it will be the year of the pig. Pig is a piggy bank and a symbol of wealth in the house! I made a small gift for you - a wall calendar. You can download it for free on my website, print and color it! I look forward to your version of the coloring. Be sure to tag me on your calendar in social networks!
Dear friends! Congratulations on Happy Easter. Let this picture give you joy and creative mood! Do not forget to see my other coloring books! Share link for downloading in social networks! Waiting for your version of the color! With my best wishes!

Dear friends! I want to make a small gift for you. Freebie drawing! At the moment, I'm drawing a new book. Waiting for news, I suggest you sharpen pencils to add color for this mermaid! I'm sure you'll make amazing beautiful pictures! Tag me on your work...

Hello friends! Get your colored pencils or paint! I'm starting a new contest for you! I specially for the contest drew this drawing "Pearl Beads" It can be freely downloaded to my site. The competition involved - only this drawing!
I decided to make a little present to my fans. You can download this drawing, color it and share the painted drawing in social networks.
If you say, "Trick or candy!" I'll tell you: No, not candy! I'll give you a picture! Paints for pleasure! Give children candy! Do not forget to go to my website and read the news!