My arts tools

My arts tools

Hello dear friends!

You often ask me about my pencil liner and paints.
I did a small review. I have to say that it’s not all my creative materials and tools. There is also watercolors, oil paints, acrylic paints, design markers, pastel pencils, watercolor pencils. But all these I use very rarely.

My main love is Liners, soft colored pencil and Chinese ink.
Let’s start the review.

The best tools for black-and-white drawing – rapidograph. But, it is very capricious instrument. Rapidograph necessary to fill ink. And rapidograph often dry up, or vice versa of them begins to flow ink. In addition, rapidograph very expensive.


Very handy tools, but they are not thin enough. However, inexpensive and reliable. Unfortunately, the market is very often found fake. So buy Liners manufacturers! This is the brand that I use!

• Pigma MICRON 0,05
• UNI PIN 0,2, 0,1

Colour pencils
I tried to use many pencils in the works, but now my choice is:

• Cretacolor Karmina 72
• Faber Castell Junior grip color 28


I draw any types paints. The most important thing for me – it is the paint characteristics. As I draw not only on paper. I paint on glass, stone, wood and canvas. So often used acrylic and oil paints.
Watercolors also different type of paint!

BUT, now all my love given to the Chinese traditional paints with natural pigments. There are several brand names for these paints. I have a MAGI-WAP, as the most popular brand of paint – MARIE’S (MARLEY)

Nadiya Vasilkova

That’s all mine set!

Yet of course one must not forget my love for drawing. Even without all these tools, I would draw the simplest a pen (and it was in the past).

I wish you creative inspiration!

Nidiya Vasilkova

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  • Jean Anderson
    Posted at 22:46h, 18 September

    Thank you! I love your work. It is so beautiful it takes my breath away❤️

  • Nadiya Vasilkova
    Posted at 14:22h, 19 September

    Thank you so much! Very nice! Glad you like my work! I do not stop, I continue to do new projects! You inspire me!

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