Art book Pointillism

This is the art book (the artist’s portfolio) for me and for all people, who like my artwork from million of dots. These drawings were created between 2011 and 2018. Of course, this is only a small part of my artwork, but it is also the most beautiful and popular part. If you like accurate information about the content of the book: 26 absolutely new drawings, and 46 drawings from my other books. I deliberately make a large collection of old and new drawings, this will allow the viewer to better understand my creative ideas. This book can be viewed by illustrations, it can be coloring, it also inspired tattoo artists. I hope you will be interested to travel on my creative space. I recommend viewing the contents of the book before making a purchase! The link for the video is below:
Let me remind you that in these editions the paper is intended for work with soft colored pencils.
I will be glad to see the results of your coloring in social networks.
• 72 beautiful unique hand painted drawings;
• Pages printed on one side only;
• Full-size paper, 8.5×11″;
• Pure white, 60 lb paper, acid-free for long art life;
With respect, Nadiya Vasilkova

You can buy this book: